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Hearo is a healthcare technology company that develops tailored hardware, software and services for the elderly, those that receive in-home care, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), as well as the provider agencies that serve them.

At Hearo we strive to help increase independence, maintain continuity of care, increase cost efficiency, improve quality of assistance, spot issues early with trends, as well as maintaining a personal interaction through technology, even at a distance.

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Hearo Logo Remote Supports and Assistive Technologies

Revolutionizing Remote Supports and Assistive Technologies

Hearo is an assistive technology company that helps individuals achieve a greater level of independence in any setting with powerful remote supports for organizations supporting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Hearo Home Logo - In-Home care for remote supports and hub for assistive technologies

For Individual Residence Or ISL

Hearo Home can be tailored to address the specific needs of any individual or location to improve the quality of care and safely increase independence. All activity from the home is monitored from the HEARO Remote Supports Dashboard.

 Current features include:

  • A dedicated hub for assistive technologies and support
  • Flexible medication reminders
  • Real-time audio and video calls
  • Emergency buttons
  • Smart light notifications


Features and functionality are always expanding and can be customized to support every individual.

Be a Hearo anywhere you go!

The Hearo Mobile app brings many of the features of the Hearo Home to your mobile device.

  • Medication reminders and tracking
  • Messages to support you at any time
  • Reminders for anything you need
  • Calling that keeps you connected

Support is always with you and is just a tap away with Hearo Mobile.

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Sensors for Hearo Home

A customized suite of sensors help best support a location remotely and assist individuals to live their most independent lives possible. Sensors for Hearo Home can be configured for nearly any situation
Hearo Medication Tracking sensor for med closets, cabinets and boxes double lock for controlled substances


Hearo Medication Tracking sensors for med closets, cabinets and boxes double lock for controlled substances.

Hearo Door Sensor for ISL home care and remote supports for independent living


Nearly any type of door can be fitted with sensors to monitor or create notifications of activity. All external doors are recommended.

Hearo Smart Light notification and medication reminders

Smart Lights

Smart, color-changing lights can be put in any room, Hearo Home can turn the light on or change the color for any notification like when it's time to take medications.

Hearo environmental sensors measure temperature humidity UV light ambient light and vibration for remote supports and monitoring


Hearo environmental sensors measure temperature, humidity, UV light, ambient light and vibration.

Hearo Refrigerator Sensor for tracking food cabinets, fridges and freezers with remote supports and independent living

Food and Fridge

Hearo Kitchen Sensors can track food cabinets, fridges, freezers and sharps.

Hearo security camera live HD video monitoring for remote supports


Video cameras are not standard with Hearo Home but can be used when necessary. Live, HD video monitoring is available.

Hearo Heavy Appliance Sensor for stoves ovens


Monitor and remotely shutoff stoves, ovens and other heavy appliances when they've been on too long.

Hearo window sensor for remote supports and assistive technologies


Ensure individuals are safe and secure inside their homes with Hearo Window Sensors.

Hearo Bed Sensor and sleep tracking for remote supports to reduce overnight staff

Bed and Sleep

Hearo Bed Sensors and sleep tracking reduce overnight staff.

Hearo Remote Supports for home care provider agencies

Management Dashboard for Providers and Families

Hearo provides the technology—you provide the care. With Hearo, continuity of care is maintained every second of the day. No third-party call centers, competing agencies or out-of-state support staff are used. Individuals are looked after by the very people they know and love.

Hearo Remote Supports for home care provider agencies

Voice and Video at the Core

Immediate assistance is only a click away. This keeps human interactions and relationships front and center, even at a distance.

Benefits that never compromise care:

  • Reduce direct care staff while maintaining continuity of care by leveraging your existing staff more efficiently.
  • Each staff member can support multiple locations and individuals simultaneously.
  • No third-party call centers.
  • Missouri’s Technology First initiative allows savings from using remote supports to be retained and reallocated at the provider level.

Let's Talk

Contact us now to learn more about Hearo and how it can help you achieve the highest levels of quality care. Questions, inquiries or requests to schedule a demo are all welcome. Feel free to give us a call at (417) 765-0045, send an email to info@hearo.ai, or use the form below.