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Hearo is a healthcare technology company that develops tailored hardware, software and services for the elderly, those that receive in-home care, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), as well as the provider agencies that serve them.

At Hearo we strive to help increase independence, maintain continuity of care, increase cost efficiency, improve quality of assistance, spot issues early with trends, as well as maintaining a personal interaction through technology, even at a distance.

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405 N Jefferson Ave, Suite 1063
Springfield, MO 65806
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Missouri Inclusive Housing features Hearo in Spring newsletter

Missouri Inclusive Housing (“Mo Housing”) featured Hearo in their Spring 2020 newsletter.  You can view the Hearo related information below:

“Progress continues to be made on the Division of DD’s goal of adding more technology providers to the options available through the DD waivers.  Hearo Technologies is the most recent provider to obtain a contract to provide remote supports in Missouri, joining 2GetherTech, Night Owl, Rest Assured, SmartCare, and Gray Matters Alliance.  Hearo Technologies, located in Springfield, MO, provides a platform for DD providers to utilize remote staffing within their agency.

Hearo’s remote support platform keeps the provider agency engaged as the first point of contact with the individual they support.  It includes a secure enterprise-grade data connection for on-demand 2-way, voice and/or video communication.  A full suite of sensors provides real-time activity and trends.  Hearo also offers additional features that can be added to tailor services to individual needs including cameras, sleep sensors, and a variety of medical devices.

Jim Carr, Co-Founder and CEO, says that Hearo was founded based upon real-life experience of those that we love and the belief that well-designed technology can significantly increase the independence of those that it serves. Further, we believe that keeping the provider agency engaged helps maintain continuity of care.

Hearo’s mission to increase independence is further evidenced by their new mobile app being released this month which is included in the subscription.  Each person, with an appropriate smartphone, can take their Hearo system with them. When on-the-go, they will receive all their reminders and be able to reach out to their support person with the same secure on-demand voice and video chat.  This is all possible because Hearo has their own dedicated development team working to continuously improve our platform.”