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Hearo is a healthcare technology company that develops tailored hardware, software and services for the elderly, those that receive in-home care, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), as well as the provider agencies that serve them.

At Hearo we strive to help increase independence, maintain continuity of care, increase cost efficiency, improve quality of assistance, spot issues early with trends, as well as maintaining a personal interaction through technology, even at a distance.

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Calling Circle Feature added to the Hearo Platform

All of us have grown weary of the COVID-19 related issues that we’ve endured in 2020.  But imagine for a moment how it would be if you were an “at-risk” individual or a person who did not have access to any technology or even the internet.  Unpleasant would be an understatement.  Now, think about if you found yourself in both of those situations.  Isolated as someone who may be vulnerable to COVID-19 AND without the social interactions that connected technology can provide.  This situation is one that many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find themselves in today.

Remote Supports is a category of Assistive Technology that’s goal is to improve the quality of life of individuals that it serves, through increased independence.  When appropriate, support can be provided by staff at a distance instead of from inside the person’s home.

Voice and Video communication has always been at the core of our platform.  Until now, it was only available for communication between the individual and their support staff.  Now, with the release of the Hearo Calling Circle, friends, family, and other stakeholders can now connect with individuals over our secure, closed platform.

When people are invited to converse over the Hearo platform, they have the option to do so with our new mobile app or utilizing our online web portal.

Other Features:
  • There are no Limitations in the number of contacts that can be added.
  • People invited as callers can be set to make calls, receive calls, or both.
  • Users can select availability to control when calls can be made to them.
Potential Use Cases:

Family Member:  Can be setup to send and receive calls as needed.

Nurse or Medical Staff:  Can be setup to make a call to all individuals that they may serve as a caller only.  They could then make calls as needed using the system.

Administrator: Similar to the medical staff.


Socialization is an essential part of everyday life.  With Hearo’s Calling Circle, we’ve greatly increased the options for socialization during these COVID-19 times and beyond.